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Travel the road with enhanced confidence thanks to Controlauto, your leader in Belgium for automotive procedures for over 40 years. We are revolutionising the concept with online appointment booking, integrating secure payment, to simplify and secure every step of your experience. Our qualified agents are at your service, whether for the importation of a foreign vehicle, to get your car out of the impound, or to carry out the periodic technical inspection.

Every day, we support motorists in their procedures, ensuring a smooth and secure journey. With Controlauto, take the road with confidence, supported by a team that masters every aspect of automotive procedures.

Do you need a quick and efficient roadworthiness test?

With us, you're guaranteed a quality technical inspection within 48 hours, and for those who are really in a hurry, we even offer a 24-hour express service! With no hassle, we carry out technical inspections anywhere in Belgium thanks to our unique service, designed to meet your needs quickly and professionally.

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Our services

In our brand-new offices in Brussels, we welcome you to a customer experience that's second to none. Our expertise extends to homologation, customs formalities, and interaction with the DIV. We work closely with insurance offices, car dealers, and garages to offer comprehensive and reliable services.

Controlauto: Importation de voitures depuis un pays membre de l’UE

Importing cars from an EU member state

Controlauto can help you with all the administrative formalities, from declaring your car at customs to having its roadworthiness tested in Belgium. 

Controlauto: Importation d’un véhicule hors UE

Importing a vehicle from outside the EU

Controlauto will guide you through import duties, VAT, and all the administrative formalities to ensure that your vehicle is legal to drive on Belgian roads.

Controlauto: Démarches à la DIV

Procedures at the DIV

Whether you need a registration certificate or a new number plate, we can take care of all the formalities for you at the Vehicle Registration Department.

Controlauto: Sortie de fourrière

Release from impound

If your vehicle has been seized and taken to the impound, Controlauto can help you with all the formalities involved in recovering it.  

Controlauto: Contrôle technique

Technical inspection

We go one step further by offering a convenient service for collecting and dropping off your vehicle for roadworthiness tests, whether at your home or your place of work. This service saves you time and reduces hassle. After the inspection, we return your vehicle to the location of your choice.

5 reasons to choose Controlauto

Controlauto: contrôle technique voitures

State-of-the-art roadworthiness tests carried out by experienced, certified technicians

Controlauto: Un service client convivial et transparent

Friendly, transparent customer service

Controlauto: 5 raisons choisir Controlauto

In-depth knowledge of safety and import/export regulations

Controlauto: Des conseils de professionnels pour prendre soin de votre véhicule

Professional advice on how to look after your vehicle

5 raisons choisir Controlauto

Quality service so you can hit the road with confidence

Save time with Controlauto

Your partner in Anderlecht for all DIV formalities.

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